Impact of COVID-19 on the Indian food and beverages sector

Impact of COVID-19 on the Indian food and beverages sector

This sector contributes to the GDP and employment of 16.5 percent of GVA and 43 percent of employment according to data (2019-2020).

Food and grocery distribution is a change to the e-marketing In the domestic trade. Dry food groceries, agrochemicals fresh product, dairy, perishable, and spices. All of the sales are a hike due to panic buying.

  • The current and potential impact on the sector.

The price difference of key raw material due to the consumer supplies of cereals, pulses, fruit, veritable

And dairy products secured ad they part of the essential list of the government. Interstate food movements are erratic and many impacts on the price of daily essential goods.

The production is about down of the many bakery and ice cream product. But many of the food processing does not impact. The government needs to assure the prioritization of food categories under the essential list.

The cash flow of constraints of food delivery, online grocery based food delivery a platform that has and marketing of Rabi season commodities will decide the future price.

  • Impact of the Labor force:

Interstate movement of labor needs to be allowed for both primary agriculture and food processing sectors. Both primary agriculture and food processing sector.

A seasonal industry like mango, seafood, etc. Need support on labor availability. While the. Ministry of state and District official, and clear briefings to police departments is missing.

  • Due to the restriction impact of the company

The impact is on the food processing no impact expect of domestic poultry industry and export items like tea, rice, meat, spice, seafood, Due to the demand constructed.

Food categories like tea, meat spices, are heavily impacted due to both decreases in demand And domestic supply chain issue.

  • Impact of food retail:

Several state government has already allowed free movement of fruits, vegetables, milk, etc. Due to fake propaganda, poultry company is heavily impacted. Fresh meat, seafood has an erratic supply chain as there is no clarity of the state government on retail shops. Brick and mortar grocery retail chains and shops are operating normally but the shortage of the staff is impacting.