COVID 19 Global Impact

COVID 19 Global Impact

COVID-19 pandemic has affected the whole world to its worst situation. Each and every country is facing some or other economic problems. This outbreak is increasing day by day very quickly and all the countries are having lots of burdens to face at a single time. How fast the cases of coronavirus are increasing can just be estimated by a few examples such as 46% in Europe and 39% increase in the US in the past 7 days. Various types of approaches and initiatives were taken by the governments of various countries such as social distancing, travel restrictions, testing and tracing, effective use of personal protective equipment, etc.

In some countries’ healthcare capacities are less as compared to the increased number of cases and those are mostly referred to be in stage 4, which is considered to be the worst stage as stated in the local response matrix below. Working on these dynamics might really turn the future of the countries.

Getting back to work would not be that easier for at-least next 2-3 years, everyone would need to take all precautions to go back to work safely. Because if it started once again, then there might be chances of a huge crisis in the world. Even restarting of the rise of economies would need a lot of studies like, how it can be done and especially from which region it can be started, where the number f cases have reduced and also having good healthcare facilities. Removing the lockdown from the whole country at a single point would only result in the increasing transmissions. Rather it has to be done region-wise so that the people can start working in a few regions and can contribute to the nation’s economy.

To win this COVID-19 war seems very tough as even if the situations get better and people start their routine life without any precautions, then the table might turn again which will lead to a disaster once more in the whole world.

Is it really that the next normal stage could emerge from Asia only, the continent from where it all started, the outbreak? Few of the countries of Asia had already taken the precautions and redesigned the policies to make the safer place out there before corona arrives in the country. Due to this the companies who have now started working from the small scale of employees will only be responsible to shape the next normal world, with the help of 4 defined dimensions: Rethinking social contracts, Defining the future of work and consumption, Mobilizing resources at speed and scale, Moving from globalization to regionalization.

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