Content Management

Case Study #1

Business consulting to a leading IT company

A leading IT company in India developed a multipurpose CRM product 5 years ago for different industries. The company is able to provide services to the existing clients. A few of the customers are switching to new software’s that are far more robust and technically advanced. The company tried to improve the performance of the existing application but could not match the standards of the competitors. The current marketing strategy of “All in one place” is not helping the company. The company has always target firms with revenues greater than $10 billion every year.

The IT company needed to hire talent that can work on newer technologies and start building software meeting the latest trends. The design of cloud-based systems can aggravate demand and attract more customers to our platform. Automating most of the process of the organization is heavily in demand.

The company consulted with Radiance Market Research. Radiance Market Research provided them with business and market research assistance. The following are the recommendations:

  1. Hire talent that can work on technologies that are cloud based.
  2. Invest in web security and other related technologies.
  3. Market the product to smaller companies with turn over less than $5 billion.
  4. There should me new market entry as part of the growth strategy.
  5. Automation should be a part of the key marketing strategy.

With the consultation received, the company was able to execute the right product marketing strategy and increase their presence in the market by 10%. There were new customer acquisitions taking place and the existing customers were engaged even more. Targeting this new segment of technology helped them acquire new markets and increase their revenues by 15% year on year basis. The company which was seeing a downward trajectory suddenly bounced back with the strategies of new product and market entry.


Case Study #2

Market intelligence assistance to a leading software company

A leading IT company has recently collaborated with refrigerator manufacturing company to develop software for smart refrigerators. The company cannot afford to hire new talent for the development of the product and needs the existing engineers to do the same.

To diversify its portfolio, every company is trying to get into automation and AI-driven products. IoT is one another industry that is growing and the demand for the companies that are developing the software is gathering attention from the industry.

The company consulted with Radiance Market Research. Radiance Market Research provided them with business and market research assistance. The following recommendations were made:

  1. The company should build technology as it can help them in the long run and create goodwill in the market.
  2. The company should hire a few people who have specialized skill sets and use the existing resources for support functions.
  3. Developing a smart refrigerator whose temperature can be controlled using an app whose technology has been developed by the leading IT firm.
  4. Enter the market as demand for smart products has been increasing worldwide and usage of smartphones also increasing.
  5. A start-up who specializes in building smart devices can be acquired.

With the consultation received, the company was able to execute the right product marketing strategy and increase its presence in the market. Their new product strategy helped the company increase revenues by 15% as the market for smart products started to grow. The growth strategy of diversifying the portfolio and entering new markets helped them get a market share of 20% in the industry.


Case Study #3

Business consulting to a leading FMCG  company

Problem:  A leading FMCG  company wanted to assess the effectiveness of its competitors’   marketing activities and also to assess their growth strategies.

Need: The client wanted to understand how its competitors are performing and assess their key strategies for product marketing, positioning, and promotions efforts.

Solution: Radiance Market Research conducted in-depth primary and secondary research to understand the marketing strategies, market position, and sales of the company’s competitors and also did an assessment of their current and future promotional strategies.

Benefits: The company was able to streamline its approach based on the insights we provided regarding the performance of its competitors and its segment-specific promotional mix and marketing and sales strategies.

Computer Systems and Services

Case Study #4

Market intelligence assistance to a leading computer system design services provider

Problem:  A leading computer system design services provider in the Pharmaceutical industry wanted to benchmark its services and operations against those of its top five competitors in India and Japan.

Need:  The client was facing issues such as low sales and customer complaints regarding services, and is, therefore, wanted to benchmark its competitors’ business models and best practices to turn around its own business performance.

Solution: We identified the top five company’s competitors in India and Japan and conducted a deep dive assessment of their product portfolios, technologies, best practices, and service offerings. We additionally led interviews with industry specialists to comprehend developing business prerequisites.

Benefits: Based on our insights, the client identified and adopted the best practices in its operations and benchmarked its products against the highest quality standards, which helped it considerably improve its sales performance.

Media and Entertainment

Case Study #5

Business consulting to a leading media and entertainment company

A leading International media company wants to establish its network in India. The preparation in the process of the development of the channel is in the growth stage and being encouraged by the customers. As of sudden, an incident happened in the world attack. The company has described the attack in a detailed way and broadcasted the consequences of the attack. As a result, the viewers are being shifted to a local English news channel.

The international news company consulted with Radiance Market Research on the current trends and assistance in conducting a market survey from the majority of its viewers.

Here the company needed to decrease the frequency fo broadcasting its news to the weekends to gain the attention of its viewers. In the later stage, the research was conducted among the educated graduates, who watch the specific channel. According to the preference of the viewers, the company broadcasted the programs. In addition to this, the channel broadcasted the premiere product advertisements int the channel for high earning people.

As a result of the research, the company is broadcasting in the alignment of the viewers and besides it, the company is also coming up with many business-related programs to attract the viewer from all corners of the world. As the campaign of advertisements in the company broadcasting, the company is now able to increase the revenue generations and also the maximum satisfied customers.


Case Study #6

Market intelligence assistance to a leading Bank

A leading bank is facing the issue of the operations due to the coronavirus pandemic in the maintaining full workforce and promotion of its products and services. The necessity of the social distancing is being mandated in the society, this is causing the bank in the requirement of the floor space requirements. COVID 19 has created an uncertain crisis and as it may be extended, the risk and loss will be huge for the entire banking industry.

The bank needs to be addressed this issue in a very advanced and in a most economical manner. This crisis and impact on the bank should be in the alignment of technology.

The issue can be addressed in various phase levels, such as analyzing the hindrances at floor level operations. This can be overcome by enabling the customer's service through technology and enabling the employees through remote working. In this crisis, the bank needs to address the issues concerning, what is need by the customers through market intelligence. Such as credit requirements with lower bank rates, etc.

The bank consulted with Radiance Market Research. With help from Radiance Market Research, the banking company was now able to target the customer needs, as per their requirements through digitally. The digital platform is being enabled in protecting the customer's and employee’s health. The bank is also now being maintained more health concern hygiene to stakeholders. The digital platforms enabling the company to promote financial products and services with cost-effectiveness and more audience.

IT Company

Case Study #7

Market intelligence assistance to a leading IT company

The global IT industry has witnessed excellent growth over the years and is expected to do so in the coming years. The increasing demand for IT services is likely to aid the IT industry growth. However, the lack of skilled employees on the latest technologies and rising competition are increasing challenges for companies operating in this industry. Owing to such challenges, IT services providers are in the need to update their business strategies/plan to stay relevant in today’s competitive marketplace.

Business Challenges Faced:

Our client, An IT service provider, based out of India, faced challenges in marketing and promoting their products and services. Also, the company faced difficulties in identifying competitor strategies. In addition, owing to stiff competition from competitors, our client was in the need to maximize market share while reducing costs and enhancing profits. The client, therefore, wanted to take strategic approaches to address these challenges. They chose to partner with Radiance Market Research to leverage their expertise in offering competitive landscape analysis.

Our Integrated Approach:

Radiance Market Research proposed a competitive landscape analysis solution constituting of several key components: In order to understand the external environment and competition in this industry, we have done the Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM) analysis. Conducted IFE and EFE matrix analysis to better understand the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats which will help the business identify loopholes and opportunities if any. Digital marketing strategies to increase brand visibility.

Results Obtained:

With the Radiance Market Research - landscape analysis, the client was able to gather comprehensive insights into their competitors’ product offerings, services. By closely monitoring competitor’s initiatives, the experts helped the client to identify areas where they lacked in comparison to their competitors. The experts also helped the client to identify cost-effective technologies leveraged by their competitors. Within 1 year of leveraging our competitive landscape analysis solution, they were able to enhance market share and brand visibility.


Case Study #8

Market intelligence assistance to a leading Ed-Tech startup


Meeting the mobile app’s fast rate of growth required leading ed-tech startup to find a more scalable and cost-effective solution than its current  Cloud Platform. Startup is not able to keep pace with that growth on its current Cloud Platform. In addition to scalability ,it wanted to enhance its analytical capabilities too.


Startup wanted to use a suitable Cloud platform for its website and mobile app that could help them scale easily.


They consulted Radiance Market Research for advice on which platform to choose as there are a lot of platforms are available.


Now they have more than 15 million students using company's mobile app, and it could not support that number on its previous Cloud Platform. As company’s users and subscribers base continues to expand,now company is extremely confident in their abilities to support and  manage that growth.

Beauty and Cosmetic Ecommerce

Case Study #9

Market intelligence assistance to a leading beauty and cosmetics e-commerce company


A leading Beauty and cosmetics e-commerce platform which sells more than 35,000 products for 650 brands wanted to increase its revenue and presence in more than a thousand cities of the world. And it also wanted to reduce the cost to acquire a customer.


It has experts in content writing and a very good team in marketing. But somehow it was lacking good advisory support.


The company consulted with Radiance market research. Radiance market research provided it consulting on how to increase online presence through continuous promotions and offers by a focused strategic approach.


The company has generated 220 crore INR in its revenue for the year 2018-19 with more than 95% repeated customers. It also acquired its niche over social media platforms and till now Facebook has 1.5 million fans while Twitter has 13,000 followers and more than 150,000 followers on Instagram.


Case Study #10

Market intelligence assistance to a leading pharmaceutical company

The innovations in advanced biologics, rising population, and access to quality healthcare the fluctuating economy, legal issues, talent shortage, a massive flow of generic medicines, and rising competition are expected to impact the growth prospect of the global pharmaceutical industry. Besides, companies in the pharmaceutical industry are facing a decreasing return on investment due to price erosion in key markets. As such, companies in the pharmaceutical industry will need to foresee changing market dynamics and look for other markets to sustain growth.

Business consulting with Radiance Market Research:

As India is known to be one of the profitable markets for pharmaceutical companies, the client wanted to expand its business operations to India. Before investing a huge sum into their expansion plan, they wanted to determine their growth potential and assess market opportunities in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. They approached the experts at radiance market research to leverage their expertise in offering engagement.


Market scanning and monitoring analysis to understand the regulatory changes in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. This also involved evaluating the market potential for the client’s offerings in India and identifying the capital requirement for setting up new production and distribution units.

Customer segmentation analysis to segregate customers into distinct target segments and identify profitable customer groups.


The company increases their profits as well as they expand their business with the high-profit margin the company reputation is also increasing as compare their competitor and right now the company supply the medicine all over the word with the high market capturing.

Online Education

Case Study #11

Market intelligence assistance to a leading online education company

The global online education company faces a huge problem to market has been witnessing huge losses over these years and is expected to do so in the coming years. On the contrary, the marketing of online education is becoming highly challenging as students are having high and very specific expectations. As such, online education marketers are the need for a consulting firm for those who solve the problem of marketing.


Offline marketing initiatives did not help the client to effectively market their online courses and reach the right set of customers. To curtail the losses incurred in their marketing budget, they wanted to devise how they increase their business.

By consulting with Radiance Market Research, the client also wanted to

  • Understand students’ needs and craft personalized marketing messages for them.
  • Integrate highly targeted online and offline tactics to engage with their students
  • Identify initiatives to enhance student-teacher interaction.

Radiance Market Research Assistance:

To help the client tackle the above-mentioned challenges, the experts at Radiance Market Research conducted market intelligence engagement. The steps involved were:

  • Discovering profitable opportunities, brainstorming key issues, and implement the strategy.
  • The company applied search engine marketing to promote it online.

Case Study #12

Market intelligence assistance to a leading confectionery company

A leading confectionery company faced a problem to increase their sale in the market due to a lack of variety & quality of product & they need some suggestions to improve their quality as well as a variety of the product where they can meet the expectations of customer & the sale of the product increases.

A company decided to consult with their team members to get feedback on what they can implement to increase the sale of the product then they decided to consult with Radiance Market Research where this problem can be identified & the sale of the product gets a boost.

Radiance Market Research suggested going for Primary Research & get the idea from the customer what flavor they are looking for it will increase the variety of products & ratings will help to understand the quality of the product. Even they can take the feedback online/offline from the customers who visit their retails shops.

After implementing these ideas the sale of the company get boost & the quality as well the variety of the product gets improve. Primary research helped to understand the market scenario.


Case Study #13

Market intelligence assistance to a leading logistics company

A leading logistics company was performing so well but due to COVID-19, it gets difficult for them to get the delivery Manpower & due to this the business is getting impact. They need to increase the delivery of the product & to find the skilled manpower which will help to increase the delivery of the product at the last mile.

The logistics company has decided to consult with their existing vendors/experts what they can carry out to increase the delivery of products as well as the Manpower. The company consulted with Radiance Market Research in order to understand what they can carry out to solve this critical situation problem.

After consulting with Radiance Market Research, the company implemented the suggestion. The workers should deliver more and they will earn more (Per piece model E.g., Fixed model to variable model). This concept will increase the delivery of products in the market as well as the productivity of employees. This concept develops the skills of the employee & they completely depend on loads that hit at a last-mile. i.e more load more income & more productivity.

After implementing this plan company leads to profit & they can easily achieve the productivity of the employee which company standard was set & due to this the delivery was not getting missed at the customer end & it also improves the relationship of the company with their existing & new B2B & B2C customers.

Software Application

Case Study #14

Market intelligence assistance to a leading IT company

Problem – A leading IT company faced a problem to market and promote their product. They wanted to increase their market share and understand the competitive landscape. There is a strong argument that all organizations today should seek to develop principles of conservation within all levels of business activity. In the past, when production levels were so much lower, it may have been possible to concentrate on present needs without much regard for the future.

Need – The company wanted a consultation from a leading consulting firm but the budget was also a concern. Today, however, it is becoming increasingly important to construct the present with the future very much in mind. The company recognized the need to take account of the concerns of any person or group who might be affected by the project. Primary stakeholders are those with a formal, official, or contractual relationships such as shareholders, employees, suppliers, and customers. Secondary stakeholders include the local community, consumer organizations as well as the general public.

Solution - The company consulted with Radiance Market Research. Radiance Market Research provided them with business and market research assistance. The company aimed at the long and short-break markets.

Benefit – With the consultation received, the company was able to execute the right product marketing strategy and increase its presence in the market. Constructing the right project injected income and generated local jobs.

Rural Development

Case Study #15

Use of mobile phones by the rural sector

It has been studied through various research urban ownership of mobile phones was more likely than rural ownership. The client, an entry-level and reliable mobile phone brand wanted to enter the rural market. Being a market follower, it wanted to democratize technology by giving entry to technology and connectivity to consumers without prior access to it, allowing them to get closer and benefit from their social connections. Need
A qualitative study was needed to understand the varied perceptions of the use and ownership of mobile phones and give solutions to client to expand its presence in emerging markets globally. Given the large rural population in developing countries like India, a nuanced understanding of mobile phone use and access that could articulate gender as well as locational differences. This is particularly important given the importance of women in rural livelihoods.

A study conducted by Radiance Market Research:
Radiance Market Research conducted a study amongst four groups of people (urban men, urban women, rural men, and rural women). The study found that
• Women use it more for coordination. Men, on the other hand, seem to use it more for livelihood activities and for making and maintaining social connections. However, Men, in general, have greater decision-making power in a phone purchase even for their spouses.

The client knew that other brands that operate in the same category include Lava Mobiles, Micromax and Redmi but the client made it very clear that it will claim a leadership position in the sub 5k smartphone category and second in the feature phone category. After getting reports from Radiance, the client brand changed its marketing strategy on three key pillars- Driving magical experiences, building and fostering cultural connect platforms, and Sports and sporting activities. Talking about tackling the competition, the client strengthened its retail presence. Now, it has one lakh of retailers who are selling client products. Further, they made a healthy base of around 1000 channel partners. Due to a strong distribution presence, the client was able to serve customers across tier 3 to tier 6 towns with trendy technologies propositions through unique product portfolios, which becomes clear- cut differentiator. Their target audience aged between 18-40. The primary target audience is aged between 18-25 and secondary is between 25-40 age group. The profile of the target audience is largely youth residing in Tier3 to Tier 6 towns. This includes college-goers, self-employed doing business for a living, retailers, shopkeepers, workers, traders, etc. Presently, the client is largely driven by retailers and channel partners by driving retail visibility at the point of sales and engaging with consumers via local events and festivals.

Future Focus:
The biggest focus for 2020 is to build upon a strong client-based consumer community, engage, interact, and take feedback from to improve and give them the best of mobile and service experience.

Information, Communication and Technology

Case Study #16

Market intelligence assistance to a leading IT company

A leading IT company from the USA was facing a challenge from its competitors. As both of them were expanding and they had to promote their product, and promotion requires a lot of energy and resources.

The company wanted a consultation from a leading consulting firm, but the budget was also the concern.

The company consulted with Radiance Market Research, we provided them business and market research assistance. When there is a situation like this, it is necessary to focus on the right potential customers, and by reaching out to them first you hold the advantage. We had a similar experience of working on a similar project in the past.

We were able to help them with the segmentation and go to market strategies, by which the company was able to capture 30% of market share, up from 12% in the past.

Oil and Gas

Case Study #17

Market intelligence assistance to a leading oil & gas company

A leading oil & gas company was facing a challenge from its competitors as most of the oil companies were reducing their prices to remain competitive.

As they were known for their quality and efficiency, their products were priced higher than their competitors, and they were losing market share. The company wanted a consultation from a leading consulting firm, but the budget was also the concern.

The company consulted with Radiance Market Research, we helped them to obtain an in-depth understanding of the market potential by carrying out an initial hypothesis around the target segment.

Our solution helped them to identify key competitors, their products, technologies applied, which was beneficial to make the strategic business decisions.

Automobile Industry

Case Study #18

Pain points of a leading automobile company

The economic slowdown has affected all the organizations but severely affected it was the automobile industry. Automobile industry sales went drastically low and due to this many of the employees were jobless. A leading automobile company is constantly dealing with its low sales and production loss which is due to less demand.

The sale of the company vehicles across the country slumped to 18.71% to about 18.25 lakh units, down from about 22.45 lakh units, a year ago in the same month. The domestic vehicle sale declined for the first time in nine-month due to the extension of Goods and Service Tax (GST) as well as the inclusion of Bs6 norms.

The automobile industry demands a reduction in GST to 18% from the current rate of 28% which will help in immediate price reduction and ultimately the demand will increase. Negative growth in contrast with vehicle ownership went up due to an increase in fuel prices, higher interest rate, BS6 compulsion, and a hike in vehicle insurance costs. The industry has been demanding immediate government intervention in plunging sales by providing new launches and offers and Proper infrastructure and layout for electric vehicles which will also boost demand for an era of new electric vehicles.

There is a structural shift in the automation industry because of new advancements in the technology of electric vehicles and all the competitors are investing more in their R&D to adapt the technology and take a forward advantage to build the ecosystem. Automation is also in many cases affecting jobs in both manufacturing and services and most of the leading automobile industry are working to fully automize their production unit to enhance maximum production with high efficiency and cost-cutting.

To overcome these problems the automobile company should adopt new technology and electric vehicle concept to promote investment and shift existing production lines to electric cars. Removing taxation on foreign portfolio and upgrading loan and banking facilities for vehicle buyers, reducing operation cost and lowering cost structures, optimize supply chain workflow by consolidating their supplier base, and imbibe new-age manufacturing 4.0 practices. The company should positively take this slowdown to build resilience across the entire ecosystem.

By performing appropriate changes in time, the company can focus on high efficiency by using IT to reduce labor to a great extent and use automotive manufacturing and robotics to cut manufacturing time resulting in more efficiency. The company was able to reduce overall supply chain cost which includes master product scheduling, shipment planning, transportation planning, and labor planning. Focusing on accurate forecasting that is predicting the future demand will allow the company to be more competitive with their customers and market leaders.

Metal Forging Company

Case Study #19

Pain points of metal forging company

One of the largest metal industries is facing problems in their production area due to lack of automation, overcapacity, raw material price volatility. As metal industry contains a moving part that requires tremendous coordination and control loop and for this reason operations are complex and require precision.

One of the challenges faced by the company included no central viewpoint of the work cell to collect data and control operations. Thus, automation is required for data acquisition and control to smooth and faster functioning in the industry. The industry needs to be well prepared in advance for safety and emissions, the adoption of higher strength, and corrosion-resistant material with climate-friendly processes. The carbon dioxide balance of alloys and their components must also be improved over the entire service life.

To overcome the problem associated with the metal industry they can integrate all PLC and SCADA software to provide extreme power and flexibility to the interface. Through this platform, both operators and management are now able to monitor, alarm, trend, and report based on data at the press, furnaces, manipulators, and cooling tower control systems all from one central location. The HMI (human-machine interface) screens allow the associated member to assign part movement to and from any location in the work cell.

The connection of PLC and SCADA software creates a benchmark for central trending and report actionable data for the entire site and the full process can be monitored and troubleshoot from one monitoring place. Production will run more smoothly by having access to real-time data, as it is easier to create missions for operators. SCADA system can accommodate future operations because they build and add new equipment to their operation.


Case Study #20

Market intelligence assistance to a leading telecom company


A leading telecom company faced a higher churn rate in the last few quarters. Due to the entry of a new national carrier in the market with 4G connectivity. They want to decrease the churn rate and gain market share.


The client wants a consultation to understand how its competitors are performing and about their key strategies for product marketing and service offering.


The company consulted with Radiance Market Research. We developed a solution by applying quadrant analysis and conducted in-depth secondary research to understand the marketing strategies, best practices, service offerings, and sales of the company’s competitors.


Based on the insights, the client identified and realigned their organization to fully integrate a segmented approach to grow, launching tailored offerings, retail design, and marketing communications channels. A new segmented approach and tailored offering have helped in decreasing the churn rate.

Automobile Company

Case Study #21

Market intelligence assistance to a leading automobile company


The leading automobile company faced a deep down in sales in the last few months. Due to the new business models disrupting the future of mobility, now cars are driven by digital technologies.


The client wants a consultation to understand how digital technologies have enhanced the car functionality and change of consumer behavior due to this transformation.


The company consulted with the Radiance Market Research. We identified 20+ macro drivers that are defining the future of the automobile industry. We have taken the views of industry experts, the Auto Expo forum, and the tech giant. The company should align their car production with technology which is need of the hour in this digital era where companies are testing on an autonomous car.


Based on the insights, the client has made required changes in their car product which improved the car quality and efficiency. These changes also improved their sales and gain market share.


Case Study #22

Market intelligence assistance to a leading automobile company


A leading automobile company faced issues to research on product development, advanced safety testing facilities as they focused more on safety so, understand the latest and future generation safety systems considering the price issues and conducting a marketing survey for the same & analyzing the competitors base and leading to growth in market size.


Our client had a concern about the customers keeping the safety part in mind, to acquire knowledge that how better is the lead of my client in the market compared to the innovative strategies used by their competitors and wanted to implement more of it.


They consulted with Radiance market research and we provided them solutions based on their problems as well as gave future references to generate the lead. Our client’s main concern is our main concern, we did research in safety techniques such as computer simulation, component testing, and crash simulation. Conducted Market analysis based on competitors' activity and surveys related to marketing mix strategies.


After the solutions, the company or our client was able to achieve product development on the latest technologies with more safety components. The issues related to market size and pricing were resolved which further gave them an idea of how to go in the future as well.


Case Study #23

Market intelligence assistance to a leading textile company


A leading textile company faced celebrity endorsement issues and strategizing it. There were other issues as well related to insights regarding how the commodity market can be transformed into the branded market, expansion strategy compared to their competitors.


To resolve problems faced by manufacturers of commodity products which are basically their customers also, to become the number one in the industry by expanding the industry as a bigger brand and acquire the strategies used by competitors to implement.


They consulted with Radiance market research and we provided them solutions based on their problems as well as gave future references to generate the lead. We found that the celebrity positively influences the consumption of the products they are associated with as compared to non-celebrity. Provided some good resources of insights to improve upon the commodity market.


After the solutions, the company was able to do the research advertising through celebrities and it increased its market share, as well as customer support, was improved. They were moving fast towards the branded market.

Media and News

Case Study #24

Market intelligence assistance to a leading English news channel


A leading English news channel wanted to enter the Indian markets. The news channel was famous in the radios but they wanted to cater to TV channels too.

Target market:

Upper and middle-class English speaking community


Understanding the Indian news market, localizing the programs, competition with the local brands, attracting the advertisers, consolidating presence in India.


The news channel agency consulted with Radiance Market Research. Researchers at Radiance Market Research found that brand awareness of that news needs to be created by highlighting its USPs. Data showed that in the same year 6 more TV news channel was going to launch so marketing activities needed to be taken more aggressively. They needed to localize the news to cater to different regions of India. For revenues, they must attract advertisers from various sectors such as financial institutions FMCG, leisure & lifestyle segment, travel companies, airlines, and automobile manufacturers, etc.


Due to its focus on India-centric programs, the channel’s viewership in India has increased to 50 million today. The channel is trusted by most of the Indians and is believed to be the best source of liable news today.

Ice-Cream Joint

Case Study #25

Market intelligence assistance to a leading Ice-Cream joint


A leading Ice-Cream joint of the world wanted to understand the importance of brand manager, brand management, and category management.


Ice-Cream was only sold as a commodity with no brand names and with the same traditional flavors. Establish a brand image and introduce ice-cream as more than a sweet commodity.


The ice-cream joint consulted with Radiance Market Research. The following pointers were provided by Radiance Market Research.

  • Introduction of the brand through a very famous children’s movie.
  • Introduce exotic flavors.
  • Make the ice-cream available at the cinema houses and naming the flavors based on the characters of the movie.
  • Creating a very attractive, colorful, vibrant, and appealing ice-cream parlor to attract customers.
  • Training the staff to become amicable and flexible to entertain all the ice-cream lovers.
  • Customization of flavors.


The movie advertisement gained immense popularity for the brand and build the image which the founders wanted. The sales shot up. A survey conducted revealed that the brand name was recognized by approximately 97% of the population in the country.


Case Study #26

Market intelligence assistance to a leading jeweler

A prominent jeweler with multiple branches in the city wanted to increase organic traffic on their website. They were trying to identify the most effective platform for product promotion that would enable them to engage with their prospects and existing customers, deliver value through experiences rather than just the product, enhance brand awareness and generate a decent return on their promotional budget. Besides, it was important for them to capitalize on gaps in the existing service delivery model of competing brands to gain a competitive advantage, improve their market position, enhance their bottom line, and sustain profitability.

They sought an effective strategy that would optimize search engine traffic based on insights gained from prospective and existing customers regarding how they wished to interact with and be served by the brand across various media so that promotional budget could be formulated accordingly.

They reached out to Radiance Market Research to devise a solution to the aforementioned issues. Radiance Market Research conducted an extensive study of the client’s customer base and identified the parameters that influence customer decision making and overall brand perception of the jeweler. Radiance Market Research also collected data from said customers via questionnaires to gain insights about consumer psychology, social media usage trends among the customers and determine knowledge gaps that customers wished were addressed by jewelry brands so that customer experience could be designed accordingly to deliver maximum value. Research staff at Radiance Market Research also extensively studied promotional strategies of leading competitors and past promotional spends of the jeweler so that the client can focus on the channels that were engaged most efficiently with customers and improve website content based on the data gathered via primary research to drive search engine traffic to the client’s website.

The consultation enabled the client to increase website traffic by 30% and also improved revenue by 15% over the previous fiscal year by employing a host of previously unexplored avenues like keyword indexing, social media marketing to improve brand visibility and positively impact overall brand perception among jewelry buyers in the city.

Juice Manufacturer

Case Study #27

Market intelligence assistance to a cold pressed juice manufacturer

An emerging brand of cold-pressed juices needed to establish themselves in the organic foods segment and was also seeking insights on how to expand their existing product portfolio depending on feedback from consumers since they wished to scale up operations and increase profitability

They decided to seek advice from Radiance Market Research on how to enhance consumer knowledge about benefits accrued from consuming cold-pressed fruit juices as opposed to other nutritional supplements, inform consumers about the equipment and processes involved in the production that justified the price, seek consumer feedback regarding other organic food segments they should consider expanding into and increase the availability of the products.

Accordingly, Radiance Market Research conducted an extensive customer survey via primary data collection that gathered information about diets of consumers, spending trends on organic foods among consumers and subsequently advised the client on how to formulate a go-to-market strategy for their products and also helped increased brand visibility by helping them frame a social media strategy.

Consequently, over the next fiscal year, the juice manufacturer successfully increased revenue by over 30% and garnered a respectable following on several popular social media platforms. Consumers were found to be willing to pay a premium for the products based on the processes and quality checks employed by the manufacturer which was promoted by several informational videos crafted for the different promotional platforms.


Case Study #28

Market intelligence assistance to a leading confectionery company

A leading bakery company confectionery industry wanted to diversify its product portfolio and aim for market expansion. It also had tied-up with CFTRI Mysore for technical perspectives but it is failing on the market know-how and how, where, and when to promote the product so that the company can increase brand reach, market share, beat competitive landscape and meet customer’s expectations.
The company consulted its staff but they stand clueless on the marketing expertise and a roadmap ahead. They not only wanted to breakeven the sales revenue generated from the new product but also to stand ahead of its competitors in the market. Also, spending on marketing budget & business consulting needs to be optimum. The company wanted to focus on B2B sales and has a set of requirements to be fulfilled.
The bakery company consulted Radiance Market Research to meet its objectives. Radiance Market Research's intelligence division suggested it can provide business & market research assistance with broader reports on the industry/market/competition/customer analysis, market penetration strategy, product launch strategy with revenue drivers, and desired firm input parameters. Even Radiance Market Research has its own competent team for primary market research to understand customers.
After implementing the ideas provided by the Radiance Market Research team, the sale of the company gets a boost and the firm was able to adopt & execute the right marketing strategy. Also, it expanded its market presence and product portfolio. Radiance Market Research's consultation facilitated in achieving the correct diversification strategy in targeted markets.

Healthcare Company

Case Study #29

Business consulting to a leading healthcare subsidiary of a conglomerate company


Troublesome economic conditions have produced soaring interest for a leading healthcare company’s wellbeing programs, bringing about colossal increments in claims preparing burdens and quick IT foundation development process. With residents relying upon Medicare, health-aid, and other protective equipment for basic social insurance administrations, the company is limited by the states' administration level understandings (SLAs) to furnish these projects with amazingly high application accessibility, technology integration, and execution.


Before executing new digital frameworks, the company ran a disseminated foundation with discrete capacity, organizing, and figuring-out situations. Arrangement of new frameworks frequently took two months, making it hard to increase capacity rapidly as the demand developed. To pick up the efficiencies empowered by a private cloud and IT-as-a-Service, the firm needed to quickly virtualize its whole framework, including the servers, systems, and capacity. Since these situations were discrete, there were huge specialized difficulties in conveying far-reaching virtualization. This shift from physical infrastructure to online workspaces comes with new marketing challenges post virtual transformation.


This investment in digital integration needs market assessment, ROI, impact analysis, and before & after launch strategies for successful implementation. The company consulted its staff but they don’t have the dedicated team for this incorporation of tech-savvy reliance with digital marketing strategies.


The healthcare division consulted Radiance Market Research in light of its major marketing challenges. Radiance Market Research business consulting unit suggested it can provide needed business & market research assistance by identification and evaluation of correct marketing mix, growth potential, market opportunities, impact drivers, pricing strategies, customer engagement process, and ease of business with revenue projections. Also, Radiance Market Research as a marketing research firm has consulting experiences with renowned clients serving for years to bring out the precise marketing solutions.


Post execution of the strategies delivered by the Radiance Market Research team, the company was able to implement the right digital marketing strategy and it enabled a smooth integration of technology with the customer engagement process. The healthcare claims flow was simplified with a reduction in cost & time. In addition to that, the company could also market its existing products in the new model without any cross-functional and synchronization issues.

Financial Services and Banking

Case Study #30

Assitance in analytics solution procurement to a leading bank


A leading bank offers comprehensive banking and financial solutions to all of its customers. This bank has received various recognitions for its IT infrastructure and payment solutions. The leading bank is facing issues in providing Business Intelligence requirements means A considerable amount of time wasted each day to download each department's data in excel, generate the reports and circulate them to the relevant users. Delays in publishing reports mean delays in information for decision-making. On the other side, there was budget constrain because many of Business intelligence tools were very expensive and time-consuming to implement and understand.


The leading bank providing the Business Intelligence (BI) requirements over 7000 employees. To cater to this service there was a need to transform its analytical and reporting system to support businesses. Thus bank wanted an enterprise-wide Business Intelligence (BI) system that would provide every department with a consistent view of the sales figures, product performance, and other operational processes. The bank wanted to automate the entire data extraction and delivery to the relevant business users.


Radiance Market Research evaluated the number of business intelligence tools required for business continuity and proposed info analytics tools from a leading provider. Analytics solution helped in providing the flexibility in analysis and data, visualizations. Bank found the analytics solution easy in implementation and easy to understand. Bank found the solution info quick, accurate, and easy in decision-making.


The analytics solution info has yielded multiple benefits.

  • Report of the previous day's activity and report, which would have otherwise taken the entire working day to prepare is now waiting for employees before the working day starts.
  • With the analytics solution, the information in the reports turned out to be more comprehensive.
  • Analytics solution helped in creating personalized dashboards for each department to segment and analyze their own to analyze reports.

Radiance Market Research consulted in every stage of solution assistance which includes analyzing analytics solutions, identifying plus points, and competition in the market, pricing analysis, solution procuring, deployment, and thereby helping the client achieve a higher ROI.

Energy Utility Company

Case Study #31

Market intelligence assistance to a leading energy utility company


A major energy utility company that engages in electricity generation and distribution of electricity. The company identified a number of operational deficiencies in a recent production review. The company wanted to halt the operations with its current operational strategy. The company is facing a downfall in revenue because of ineffective operations.


The Company wanted a consultant from a leading consulting firm but the budget was also a concern. The company wanted to refocus the business with a more effective and efficient operational strategy. In doing so, the company sets a notional cost reduction target of over 20 percent for the next financial year.


The Company consulted with Radiance Market Research. Based on current productivity review, Radiance Market Research designed a set of initiatives focused on developing and validating a target operational model, improving the effective process to increase revenue. The new operating model focuses on:

  • Phased performance improvement
  • Reduce operational cost by optimal use of assets, optimal service and technology development
  • Flexibility to scale up or down production effectively.

Radiance Market Research used a range of methods, including benchmarks, and workload analysis, to validate the organizational sizing and indicative savings of a revamped organization. In addition, Radiance Market Research performed end-to-end process analysis to identify areas of inefficiency and to inform future process design, and transition approach.


The new operating model provides the business with the ability to meet market needs with flexibility in production. The new operational strategy delivered a 25 percent cost reduction. It also provides new technological tools to analyze risks, appropriate spans of control, and improved revenue.

Medical Devices

Case Study #32

Business Consulting to a Medical Devices company

Problem: A leading Medical Devices company wanted to conduct customer profiling and evaluate the market potential in B and C class towns (Non-Metros) and increase the awareness level of the brand to the potential consumers out there.

Need: The client wanted to identify the potential of the region for various Medical Devices, paying capacity of the patients, major competitors in the region and their market share in the specific product line

Solution: Radiance Market Research conducted in-depth primary research to understand the above parameters, the marketing funnel for various product lines, alternatives to surgical methods where these Medical Instruments could be used, and also did an assessment of their pricing strategies and their relevance for B and C class towns.

Benefits: The organization was, therefore, able to formulate Go-To-Market Strategy for those towns based on the insights provided by us regarding the preferences of the various consumers (surgeons) and the factors which will (or will not) make them choose them a particular brand and the expertise they hold in using their products.

Retail Bank

Case Study #33

Marketing Intelligence assistance to a leading Retail Bank

A leading retail bank was facing certain challenges which included fostering a culture of data-driven decisions, eliminating disjointed systems, and delivering digital experiences that are relevant and easy to use while dealing with other challenges like the emergence of new competitors and increasing expectations of the customers.

The client wanted to do an industry-standard benchmarking to understand the aspects where and how much they could improve and understand the competitive landscape to not only maintain its market share but also gain it in the longer term.

Radiance Market Research conducted business research for the bank to find out how they could leverage the user data to analyze the customer experience and their pain points and look for growth opportunities. We also suggested to them how they could make their system more agile to optimize their operational efficiencies. Also, how they can bring innovation in their working methodologies and improve employee engagement and retention.

The approach helped the bank to achieve remarkable results which included a 20 percent increase in conversion, as well as improved internal communications, faster optimization, and a reduction of their content management footprint with all the above-mentioned targets.


Case Study #34

Marketing Intelligence assistance to a leading agro based company

Problem: A leading agro-based company faced a problem to market and promote their product. They wanted to increase their market share and understand the competitive landscape. Our client wanted to adopt a strategic approach to reduce costs and increase revenue. They wanted to maintain quality while keeping the production cost-effective along with accessing the effectiveness of its competitors’ marketing activities and also to assess their growth strategies.

Need: The client was looking forward to gauging its competitor’s performance and wanted to understand their branding and marketing activities and their growth strategies. The client wanted to understand how its industry’s market scenario and the competitors place, price, positioning, promotion activities, key strategies, and product marketing.

Solution: The company consulted with Radiance Market Research. Radiance Market Research provided them with business and market research assistance. It suggested conducting an in-depth primary and secondary research to understand the marketing strategies of the competitors in the industry, market position, and scope of marketing campaigns. Radiance Market Research also did an assessment of their current and future promotional activities.

Benefits: With the consultation received, the company was able to execute the right product marketing strategy and increase its presence in the market. The company was able to streamline its approach based on the insights we provided regarding the performance of its competitors and its segment-specific promotional mix and marketing and sales strategies.

Beauty Salon

Case Study #35

Marketing Intelligence assistance to a leading e-commerce beauty and salon service provider

Problem: A leading e-commerce beauty and salon service provider faced an adverse effect on its sales and bookings due to the economic slowdown. The company faced a problem to market and promote their product and to onboard professional partners and products on their platform.

Need: The client was looking forward to marketing its platform and study its competitors’ growth strategies. The client also wanted to understand the market conditions and changing consumer behavior.

Solution: The company consulted with Radiance Market Research. Radiance Market Research provided them with business and market research assistance. It researched on consumer behavior and the successful marketing campaigns adopted by its competitors.

Benefits: With the consultation received, the company was able to execute the right product marketing strategy and increase its presence in the market. The company was able to increase its customer base. The B2B campaign was also streamlined to improve the product portfolio.