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Radiance Market Research

Radiance Market Research is a B2B research and consulting company that serves both large enterprises and SMEs. Industry Verticals served by Radiance Market Research include ICT, Electronics and Semiconductors, and Energy and Power. The company's business model includes both syndicate market research study and consulting.

Radiance Market Research helps increase the revenues of companies by assisting organic strategies (product development & research strategies) and inorganic strategies (partnerships and M&A). We provide a complete business consulting solution supported by our market research reports. We have an exclusive and extensive range of market research reports on various industries.

Our Story

Radiance Market Research was formed in order to serve C-level and D-level executive's complex revenue growth problems. We are here to show them the hot bets in the market and drive their company to high growth.

Our Mission

Our mission lies to help our clients to grow their business to the fullest of its potential. We strive hard to make our client believe in their vision and strategy and understand the unknown and hidden market dynamics which affect the business scenarios. Radiance Market Research is here to show our clients the light and help our clients make their own path.

Meet the Team

“Our management team has the insatiable thirst to deliver granular information which will enhance our clients' growth”

Fazal Swale S

Founder & CEO

“ I always had at the back of my mind that when I bid adieu to the Organization that I worked for over 20+ years, the wealth of rich experience that I gathered over the years come out again and benefit the industry, the market, the start-ups and the Society overall. It should not go waste & unutilized just like gold that never deteriorates but ever keep on shining. I have always revered since my childhood days the Coconut tree ‘The Kalpavruksha’ – the tree that yields everything just about everything to mankind right from its fruit the Coconut to its bark, husk & leaves that provides shelter for a poor peasant’s hut. ”

I have always believed that those Organizations that accord high priority to Market Research & take it seriously to base their future business strategies have outclassed their competition. I would say & especially in the present competitive market that Market Research & Data Analysis are nothing short of Radar that provides the direction to steer the Organization to the Next Level and even greater heights.

My Profile – A Bachelor’s degree from renowned College of Engineering Pune (C.O.E.P) in Electrical Engineering and Masters Diploma in Business Administration with Specialization in Sales & Marketing from Institute of Market Development Research (IMDR, Pune) founded by Dr. Shejwalkar, the Management Guru.

Work Experience –

Dr. Beck & Co. (I) Ltd, Pimpri, Pune as Sr. Marketing Executive for 9 years

Ador Cooperheat Pvt Ltd, Pimpri, Pune as Asst Sales Manager for 5 years.

Stork Cooperheat Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd, Jubail, Saudi Arabia as Sales Manager for 17 years.

I have been fortunate to work with such Organizations who have been leaders & pioneers in their own field of manufacture & Service Providers. Dr. Beck from Hamburg, Germany, has been the Specialists Manufacturing Company for Electrical Insulating Materials like Copper winding wire Insulating Enamels & Varnishes, Polyester Resins, Epoxy Resins for Moulding of Electrical Components & Vacuum Impregnation Process.

Ador Cooperheat JV of Advani Oerlikon & Cooperheat UK both leaders in their respective fields of Welding Equipment manufacture and heat treatment technology.

Further moved to Saudi Arabia & since worked with Stork Cooperheat Co. Ltd. Stork from the Netherlands is the world leaders in Plant Integrity & Asset Management Solutions operating over 180 years & having worldwide locations, and offering many other hosts of industrial Services & Products are now a part of Fluor, one of the leading EPC Company from the US. Cooperheat from the UK has been a unit of the Stork Group. Cooperheat the name is synonymous with heat treatment, being the pioneers in the field of heat treatment of complex pressure vessels, heat exchanger columns, boilers, construction pipeline welds, etc. Cooperheat UK is also a Specialist for the design of heat treatment (Stress Relieving) furnaces both Electrical & Oil/Gas fired modular furnaces.

With such exhaustive hands-on experience in Marketing & Sales, we have come out with our new venture for providing the best of Market Research in the field of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Energy & Power, ICT & others.

I am highly confident and my best assurance that my Market Research Team shall provide the most reliable, accurate & real-time value-added market research data to new entrepreneurs, start-ups and existing small to medium to large business organizations that will help them in building their market strategies to take a lead leaving far behind their competition.

Good luck!

Salman F.S.

Operations and Research Director

Market Research and Intelligence is the extended lens which helps enterprises to for see the futuristic trends and threats. Industry keeps moving forward by upgrading technology and business practices. We, the corporate stragegy and market intelligence professionals bare much more responsibility on our shoulders to steer and drive the enterprise to the right direction. With Radiance Market Research, my aim remains to deliver best-in-class business reports and market research key directives to the executives and help them to build a sustainable go-to market strategy and business model.

I  specialize and have a keen focus on Market Research, Data Analysis, Data Mining, Industry Research, and Corporate Strategy Building. I believe research and intelligence are an extended lens to future trends which will have an enormous impact on the market and business.

I always look forward to embracing new opportunities that bring me near my uncomfortable zone and challenge me to try and discover new boundaries and trajectories.

My Profile – Master’s degree from the renowned College of Engineering Pune (C.O.E.P) in Computer Engineering.

I have been fortunate to work with such organizations who have been leaders & pioneers in their own field of research and operations.

With such exhaustive hands-on experience in Market Research, I am looking to serve our client with the best of research and intelligence services.